Permits & Licenses

South Hadley is now live on the new Viewpoint Cloud platform for online permit and licensing.  The legacy Viewpermit system is no longer available.  All applicants who have previously used the online Viewpermit portal will need to sign up for a new account Viewpoint Cloud account.  

If you have a Viewpoint Cloud account with another community it will also work for the Town of South Hadley.

                                                                         Click the Viewpoint logo to log in.

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                                               Online Permits & Licenses 

South Hadley uses online permit and license tracking via Viewpoint Cloud. It's an online based system that allows the public to apply and track the permitting and licensing process from start to finish.

First-time users must create an account in Viewpoint Cloud. (Even if you previously had an account in Viewpermit)  You may then apply for (or renew) a permit or license, and pay using a debit or credit card (fee updates coming). You may also print your application and mail payment. You will receive email updates of the progress of your application. In many cases, your permit or license will be emailed to you once approved. Tag sale permits can be printed immediately from your home.

The town is working hard to make all permits and licenses available through the ViewPoint Cloud platform. View the list of what is currently available.  

  1. Alcohol 
  2. Annual Licenses 
  3. Building Permits 
  4. Business Certificates 
  5. Dog licenses

1 Day Beer and Wine

1 Day All Alcohol

1 Day Beer and Wine - Multi Date

1 Day All Alcohol - Multi Date

Restaurant / Package Store  

  1. Gas permits
  2. inspection certificates
  3. Plumbing permits
  4. public health permits
  5. Tag Sale

Only a licensed contractor can be issued a gas permit.

New Construction

Additions and Alterations

Replacement Fixtures

Applying for a Liquor License

New and transferred licenses for alcoholic beverages require the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) application, a public hearing with the South Hadley Selectboard, and a newspaper advertisement and abutter notification alerting the public to the Selectboard hearing. Both of these notifications must be published and mailed at least 10 days prior to the hearing. The Selectboard will hold a hearing on the application, and if accepted the application will be sent to the ABCC for final approval. 

To schedule a public hearing with the Selectboard, email with your request.  After a hearing date is confirmed, it is the applicant's responsibility to put the legal ad in the newspaper and to notify the abutters of the hearing. Applications are available only at the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission website: completed application must be submitted to the Selectboard Office at least two weeks prior to the hearing.  The ABCC will only accept typed applications.  

The Town of South Hadley is at quota for restaurant all alcohol and restaurant beer and wine licenses.  The town currently has one package store beer and wine license available.

To schedule a hearing or for additional information, please email

                                        Other Permits, Licenses & Forms 


Access criminal records checks, FID applications and other South Hadley Police Department requests.

Planning & Conservation

View various planning and conservation forms, permits and applications.

Hawker / Peddler

Access the application to apply as a hawker or peddler as defined in MGL c. 101.